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We are a food-loving couple (Chrissie and Dan) with three beautiful children and we love to cook and eat and photograph our creations. Most of the posts here are a result of Chrissie’s love of creating food; however, I (Dan) am often in the kitchen weekend mornings making breakfast or grilling something tasty, year-round. When grilling, we work hand-in-hand; Chrissie will prep and marinate and season and then I’ll grill it up. We both agree our food tastes better than most food we’ve payed for eating out. For that reason, we’ve recently decided to cook more at home and stop eating out – except for special occasions. Same goes for coffee (and I make mean espresso drinks!). Chrissie is a big label reader and more times than not will buy organic, Non-GMO, all-natural, etc. Thanks for visiting!

  • Taco Wednesday!

    December 4, 2019 by

    Taco Wednesday might not sound as catchy as Taco Tuesday does; however, my family LOVES tacos any day of the week! This evening, we had some yummy shredded chicken tacos and it cost around ten bucks to feed all five of us. Pretty cool, considering that includes feeding a thirteen-year-old boy who can eat as… Read more

  • Today's Breakfast

    November 30, 2019 by

    Nothing to see here, folks…Just this morning’s delicious eggs on toast with avocado! Purchased a better mini-skillet today from World Market that is BPA free and a bunch of other good stuff. Can’t wait to try it. It’s going to replace at least one of those in the picture above.

  • Holiday Blend Trail Mix

    November 24, 2019 by

    This wasn’t my idea, nor was it my recipe; however, both were great. This blend of magic consists of yogurt pretzels, red and green M &M’s, non-salted cashews, dehydrated cranberries, yogurt raisins, and salted macadamia nuts. The textures and flavors go really well together. This was actually Chrissie’s recipe idea and the answer to us… Read more

  • That Shrimp Salad Sandwich…

    November 24, 2019 by

    So here’s that shrimp sandwich I was talking about yesterday; with onions, lettuce, and tomato. To recap, I grilled a bunch of Montana-beef-burgers – enough for two days worth of dinners – but felt like another one (which would have ruined having some this evening). Instead, I ended up making this delicious shrimp sandwich, and… Read more

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